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250pcs 10 Types Tactile Push Button Switch Kit

250pcs 10 Types Tactile Push Button Switch Kit

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250pcs 10 Types Tactile Push Button Switch Car Keys Button Touch Microswitch

This 250pcs 10 Types Tactile Push Button Switch Kit is a versatile and essential addition to any electronic toolkit. With a variety of 10 different types of tactile push button switches included, this kit offers convenience and flexibility for your specific project needs. Increase the efficiency of your electronic projects with this high-quality switch kit.

Temp:-50 ~80 Cycle time >100000 times
Quantity: 250pcs/1 Set
Long life span, durable. Wide application. Brand new and high quality. Used in the fields of electronic products, household appliances and more. This light touch switch is waterproof, prevent oil, anti-pollution, anti-static interference. Good electrical Conductivity. Compact and light weight, easy to carry and dismantling. Applications: TV, Audio equipment, Video recorders, Cameras, Computers, Game consoles,
Fax machines, Walkie-talkie, Batons, Machine tool control unit, Photocopying, Printers
25pcs x 3*4*2.5 (bind feet) 
25pcs x 3*4*2.5 (white) 
25pcs x 3*6*4.3 (white pin) 
25pcs x 3*6*5 (white pin) 
25pcs x 3*4*2 (2 feet, Yellow)
25pcs x 3*3.5*2 (4 feet, black)
25pcs x 4*4*1.5 (4 feet, black&yellow) 
25pcs x 4*4*0.8H (4 feet, black&yellow) 
25pcs x 3*6*2.5 (2 feet,black&white) 
25pcs x 3*6*3.1H (4 feet, black&red) 
Package Contents
(10types , 25pcs/type each ) 1x 250pcs Button Switch with Box

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